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About Us

Trinity Turbine Services prides itself on customer satisfaction and
providing cost effective, reliable and innovative solutions


We are a privately owned business, satisfying all turbine and power generation related needs. Meet the team that makes this happen.

CHRIS GREENVP of Field Operations
As the VP of Field Operations, Chris is a valuable leader to the Field Service division. He has served in countless roles in the Power Generation industry for 35+ years gaining a magnitude of knowledge along the way. He has worked in upper management roles with the OEM’s, in the field holding the positions of engineer, technical advisor and project manager as well as starting companies off from the ground up and running them successfully over the years. With his hands on involvement through every tier of the Power Generation industry he is unmatched in his knowledge, trouble shooting and leadership capabilities.
SADIE PAGEController of Field Operations
With 10+ years in the Power Generation industry, Sadie is a great asset as the Controller of Field Operations. With widespread experience and knowledge with manpower, marketing, payroll, safety, finance, operations and project management she is able to utilize these skills to ensure our manpower, customers and team are practicing in the most efficient ways throughout the industry.
CHRISTI CRAVENOffice Administrator
Over the years Christi has gained skills and knowledge in business development and management within a variety of sectors. This has made her the perfect addition to our team as the office administrator. She seamlessly performs the roles of payroll, HR, social media marketing and taxes which ensures our company is operating at the highest efficiency.
JOSH PAGETooling & Procurement
Taking care of the manpower in the field and providing them with the tooling and specialty items they need on a real time basis is Josh’s expertise. He has been providing this service to the field teams for 5+ years. As the leader of tooling and procurement Josh is a great strength and asset to our team’s success.

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Trinity’s Benefits

Our mission is to establish a strong presence for all related work in the Power and Industrial Industry and to implement all provisions of power generation and plant maintenance as well as provide other lines of service through our mother company Trinity Turbine Technology, L.P.

Trinity features on-site inspections and overhauls that meet or exceed OEM standards in a timely and safe manner. We specialize in servicing many of the major OEM prime movers. Other benefits include:

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