Our Tooling

At Trinity we strive to ensure our field personnel are provided with top of the line, up to date equipment to contribute to successful outages. All of our tooling has routine maintenance performed as well as gets evaluated, tested and certified prior to going on any projects. This ensures we are within safety guidelines as well as guaranteeing our employee’s safety while using the tooling. Employees are correspondingly trained on proper and safe tooling usage prior to utilizing any tooling to elevate damages or accidents.

Trinity not only provides a large amount of precision tooling but we make certain that each tool is calibrated annually (as a minimum) which assures the precise measurements recorded are accurate. It takes the right tools to get the job done and with our tool inventory, specialty tools and numerous vendors nationwide we are able to provide the proper tools every time and in a timely manner.

World Class Facilites

Our new home is a custom 85,000 square foot facility conveniently located just south of Houston on 288 North. Within the walls of this office we offer many cost effective and reliable services including:

  • Advanced Coatings
  • Superior Quality Component Repair For Gas & Steam Turbines
  • Field Service Operations
  • New & Refurbished Capital Spare Parts

Come visit us and tour this one stop shop for all your needs.


Powerful, Reliable, Durable and Professional